Welcome to #centralcafe.org!

#centralcafe is a channel on the DALnet IRC Network with over 20 years of history, friendships, and a tempermental bot.

We're not the biggest channel on DALnet, nor do we want to be, striving for quality over quantity.

Why join #centralcafe?

  • Less Trolls. Rather than letting the troublemakers run rampant, we ban them quickly and often with extreme prejudice.
  • No Fillers. A lot of channels will load dozens of bots to make their channel look better than it is. With the exception of our management and scramble bots, #centralcafe is 100% often-idle humans!
  • Reasonable Rules. #centralcafe doesn't have a long draconic rule list. We expect people to act like adults and don't feel the need to put restrictions on language and discussion topics. Just use common sense, and you're good.
  • Scramble. Our locally-sourced free-range scramble bot is always running, letting players try to unscramble an entire dictionary's worth of mostly real words during the channel's slow periods.